La Collection de Bearbricks de Bob Sinclar : Découvrez son Top 5

Bob Sinclar's Bearbricks Collection: Discover his Top 5

Electronic music legend Bob Sinclar is not only a renowned artist, but also an avid Bearbricks collector. These small vinyl figures, created by Medicom Toy, are an integral part of his personal collection. Let's dive into the world of Bob Sinclar's Bearbricks with a focus on his top 5, a selection that combines aesthetics, rarity, and emblematic collaborations.

1. Bearbrick x Disney Mickey Mouse 1000%

The collaboration between Bearbrick and Disney is a magical fusion that captivates collectors around the world. Bob Sinclar chose the Bearbrick x Disney Mickey Mouse 1000% as one of his signature pieces. This iconic figure captures the timeless spirit of Mickey Mouse in imposing scale, with impeccable details that pay homage to the enchanting world of Disney.

2. Bearbrick x Stussy World Tour 1000%

The marriage between streetwear culture and Bearbricks art reaches its peak with the Bearbrick x Stussy World Tour 1000% collaboration. Bob Sinclar wisely added this piece to his collection, combining the distinct Stussy aesthetic with the signature shape of the Bearbricks. A choice that resonates with both fashion lovers and art toy enthusiasts.

3. Bearbrick x Sacai 1000%

The Bearbrick x Sacai collaboration embodies contemporary elegance and artistic innovation. Bob Sinclar opted for the Bearbrick x Sacai 1000%, a piece that merges the avant-garde vision of Sacai with the distinctive design of the Bearbricks. This figurine embodies the essence of the art toy as a canvas for creativity and artistic expression.

4. Bearbrick x OVO OG Owl 1000% Collectible

The collaboration between Bearbrick and October's Very Own (OVO) gave birth to the Bearbrick x OVO OG Owl 1000%. Bob Sinclar included this exclusive piece in his top 5, showcasing OVO's iconic style with the distinctive symbolism of the owl. A choice that embodies the fusion between musical culture and the universe of Bearbricks.

5. Bearbrick Fragment x The Park-Ing Ginza 100%

The Bearbrick Fragment x The Park-Ing Ginza collaboration is a testament to the Bearbricks' global influence. Bob Sinclar selected the Bearbrick Fragment x The Park-Ing Ginza 100%, a 100% piece, for his top 5. This figurine captures the essence of Fragment Design's minimalist design and fuses it with the urban aesthetic of The Park -Ing Ginza.

Bob Sinclar, in choosing these five iconic Bearbricks, demonstrates not only his love for music, but also his appreciation for art in toy form. Each of these pieces represents a unique collaboration, a captivating story, and an invaluable addition to his collection. Bob Sinclar's passion for Bearbricks transcends music to become a celebration of toy art in all its forms.

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