Les Bearbrick, un nouvel investissement lucratif ? (+ interview)

Bearbricks, a lucrative new investment? (+ interview)

Fans of contemporary art and design are familiar with Bearbricks, these iconic figurines created by Medicom Toy. These small works of art, veritable blank canvases for many artists, have captured the hearts of collectors around the world. But beyond their aesthetic aspect, do Bearbricks represent a new horizon for investors passionate about Art Toy?

Understanding Bearbricks

Bearbricks are cube-shaped vinyl figures, usually measuring 1000% the size of a standard figure. These art toys were created in Japan by Medicom Toy Inc. in the early 2000s. The uniqueness of these figures lies in their minimalist design, providing a blank canvas for artists to express their creativity.

The origin of Bearbrick

The name "Bearbrick" is a play on words between "bear" and "brick", emphasizing the cubic shape of the figurine. The concept has evolved to encompass a multitude of designs, collaborations and limited editions, making Bearbricks prized collectibles.

Medicom Toy: A Trusted Brand

If you are considering an investment in Bearbricks, Medicom Toy's reputation is a key factor. Founded in 1996, the Japanese company has established itself as one of the leaders in creating high-quality collectible toys. Their commitment to innovation and collaboration with renowned artists has helped elevate the Bearbricks to urban art icons.

Limited editions and prestigious collaborations

Rarity is a key element in the value of Bearbricks in the collectible market. Medicom Toy regularly produces limited editions in collaboration with renowned artists such as KAWS, Andy Warhol, and iconic brands like Nike and Disney. These unique collaborations add an exclusive dimension to Bearbricks, attracting the attention of collectors and investors.

Art Toy: A Growing Category

Bearbricks are an integral part of the growing Art Toys category. Collectors increasingly recognize the artistic and financial value of these collectibles. Bearbricks, as major representatives of this category, benefit from the growing popularity of accessible art in toy form.

An expanding market

The Art Toys market has seen significant expansion in recent years, attracting the attention of art lovers and investors. Bearbricks, with their distinctive aesthetic, take pride of place in this growth. Savvy collectors turn to these pieces not only for their artistic value, but also for their long-term appreciation potential.

Bearbricks: A Lucrative Investment?

When it comes to investing in Bearbricks, there are several factors to consider.

Value analysis

The value of a Bearbrick is often determined by factors such as rarity, the notoriety of the artist or collaboration, and the condition of the figurine. Limited editions and exclusive collaborations tend to increase in value over time, making them smarter choices for investors.

Appreciation Potential

The Bearbricks market is dynamic, with limited editions that can quickly become popular collectibles. Collectors must stay informed of market trends and new collaborations to anticipate appreciation potential.

Risks and Considerations

However, like any investment, Bearbricks are not without risks. Fluctuations in the art and collectibles market may impact the value of figurines. Collectors should also consider the authenticity of coins, avoiding counterfeits that could depreciate the value of their collection.

We also took the time to look into this subject with a Bearbrick owner: Julien now has more than fifty in his collection. But be careful, this does not include just any model. In fact, Julien only focuses on Bearbricks from the collection: “ fragment design ”!

PTC: “Julien, why are you only interested in Bearbrick fragment design ?”

Julien: "At the beginning, I was attracted by (almost) all the Bearbrick models! I am a real lover of Art Toys and it must be said that these little bears are really attractive! But after a few months, I decided to focus solely on the partnership with fragment design, Hiroshi Fujiwara's brand.

There are several reasons for this, not least because they are original. But above all because they started to increase in value over time."

PTC: “How did you find out?”

J.: “A bit by chance to be honest. I was exhibiting my collection on the networks and one day, I received a request for one of my favorite Bearbricks, the “ World Wide Tour 2 Bunny ”. Having it bought for a little over €200 when it came out, 5 years later I was offered a little over €1,000! To date, it has reached €3,000 on certain reseller/collector sites. So I naturally turned to this collection."

Conclusion: An Investment for Passionate People

In conclusion, investing in Bearbricks can be an exciting and potentially lucrative venture for art lovers and collectors. With their unique aesthetic, history, and place in the growing Art Toys market, Bearbricks offer an investment opportunity that goes beyond the financial for many enthusiasts.

However, it is crucial to dive into the market with a thorough understanding of trends, limited editions and collaborations. Bearbricks can be much more than just a figurine – they are miniature works of art that reflect the creativity of their era.

Ultimately, whether you are an avid collector or a savvy investor, Bearbricks represents a fascinating space where art, pop culture and financial value converge, opening new vistas in the exciting world of art collecting Toys.

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