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Discover the captivating world of Bearbricks, revolutionary creations that emerged from the fertile imagination of Medicom Toy in 1999. Bearbricks have redefined the standards of the collectible figurine, becoming the ultimate standard of contemporary trends.

Collection: Star Wars

Bearbricks Star Wars Collection: May the Force be with you!

Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars universe with our exclusive collection of Star Wars Bearbricks. Inspired by the iconic cinematic saga created by George Lucas, these collectible figures captivate with their faithfulness to the iconic characters and elements of the Star Wars universe. Whether you're a die-hard Force fan or an avid collector, our selection of Star Wars Bearbricks is sure to transport you to a galaxy far, far away.

Discover the collection:

  1. Bearbricks representing your favorite Star Wars characters: Explore a diverse range of Bearbricks representing your favorite Star Wars characters. Whether you're on the light side with Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Yoda, or the dark side with Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Kylo Ren, you'll find a figure that captures the essence of your favorite heroes and villains from the saga.

  2. Bearbricks inspired by iconic Star Wars ships: Take off on new adventures with Bearbricks inspired by iconic Star Wars ships. From X-Wings and TIE Fighters to Millennium Falcons and Imperial Destroyers, each Bearbrick captures the distinctive details and futuristic engineering of the starships that have defined Star Wars history.

  3. Bearbricks representing iconic symbols: Add a touch of iconic Star Wars symbols to your collection with Bearbricks representing iconic elements such as the Stormtrooper helmet, lightsaber, Darth Vader helmet and the Rebel Alliance emblem . These figures capture the spirit and mythology of Star Wars in bold and striking designs.

Why choose our Star Wars Bearbricks?

  • Premium Quality: Our Star Wars Bearbricks are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring an exceptional collecting experience.

  • Loyalty to the Star Wars Universe: Each Bearbrick is faithful to the aesthetic and style of Star Wars, giving fans an authentic representation of their favorite cinematic saga.

  • Ideal for fans and collectors: Whether you're a casual Star Wars fan or an avid collector, our Star Wars Bearbricks are a perfect choice to add to your collection or to give as a gift to a friend who loves the saga.

Browse our selection today and may the Force be with you!

What are the rarest Star Wars bearbricks?

The rarest Star Wars Bearbricks can vary depending on a variety of factors, including their edition, limited mintage, and popularity among collectors. Here are some examples of Star Wars Bearbricks that are generally considered particularly rare and sought-after:

  1. Limited Edition Bearbricks: Some Star Wars Bearbricks are produced in limited editions, making them extremely rare. These special editions can be associated with specific events, franchise anniversaries or unique collaborations, making them highly collectible items.

  2. Vintage Bearbricks: First edition Star Wars Bearbricks, produced several years ago, may be very rare today. These vintage Bearbricks are often sought after by collectors for their historic character and rarity on the market.

  3. Region-Exclusive Bearbricks: Some Star Wars Bearbricks are exclusively available in certain regions of the world, making them difficult to find outside of those areas. International collectors can therefore consider these figurines as rare and valuable pieces.

  4. Signed or Personalized Bearbricks: Star Wars Bearbricks that have been signed by artists or industry figures can also be very rare. Likewise, Bearbricks customized or modified by talented artists can be considered unique and highly sought-after pieces.

  5. Out of Print Bearbricks: Some Star Wars Bearbricks that were produced in limited quantities and are now out of print may become very rare on the secondary market. Avid collectors may be willing to pay a premium price for these hard-to-find pieces.

It is important to note that the rarity and value of Star Wars Bearbricks may vary depending on market demand, condition of the figure, and authenticity. If you are looking for rare Star Wars Bearbricks, it is advisable to do thorough research and consult reliable sources to help you identify the most valuable and authentic pieces. Do not hesitate to contact us !

The Mandalorian Bearbricks:

The Mandalorian Bearbricks are a fascinating collection of collectible figures inspired by the hit television series "The Mandalorian", part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. These Bearbricks capture the series' distinctive aesthetic and highlight the iconic characters, spaceships, and symbols of the Mandalorian universe.

Here's an overview of the different types of Mandalorian Bearbricks:

  1. Bearbricks representing the main characters: This category of Bearbricks highlights the main characters of the series "The Mandalorian", such as Din Djarin (aka the Mandalorian), Grogu (aka Baby Yoda), Cara Dune, Greef Karga and others Again. Each Bearbrick is faithful to the appearance and details of the characters in the series, capturing their unique charisma and personality.

  2. Spaceship-Inspired Bearbricks: These Bearbricks feature iconic starships from the series, such as the Razor Crest, Slave I, and other ships that have played an important role in The Mandalorian's adventures across the galaxy. Each Bearbrick is designed to reflect the distinctive features and details of the starships in the series.

  3. Bearbricks representing Mandalorian symbols: This category of Bearbricks highlights symbols and emblems associated with Mandalorian culture, such as the Mandalorian helmet, the Mudhorn Clan sign and other symbols that are important in the universe of the series . These Bearbricks celebrate the Mandalorians' heritage and pride as warriors and bounty hunters.

  4. Special Edition Bearbricks: In addition to the main Bearbricks, there are also special edition Mandalorian Bearbricks that are produced in limited quantities or in conjunction with specific events. These special editions may feature unique designs, exclusive finishes or additional accessories that make them particularly sought after by collectors.

The Mandalorian Bearbricks are appreciated by fans of the series for their loyalty to the universe of “The Mandalorian” and for their manufacturing quality. Whether you're a Star Wars fan, a Bearbricks collector, or simply a fan of collectible figures, The Mandalorian Bearbricks offer a unique way to celebrate this iconic series and its impact on popular culture.